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Touch This Art: An Interactive Public Art Installation in NYC

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The Brief

Lincoln challenged us to develop a campaign that communicated how the Lincoln Nautilus’s design and technology made the driver feel: totally in control.

The Solution

We knew a traditional test-drive experience wouldn’t bring that emotion to life as powerfully or to as many people as we wanted it to. So we created The Nautilus, an immersive public art installation at New York’s Seaport District. Consisting of nearly 100 interactive poles powered by Lincoln’s technology, The Nautilus responded to a visitor’s unique touch, producing a tone based on each individual’s grip strength and other factors.

The result: a stunning and engaging public display that introduced visitors to the Lincoln brand in a surprising way.

Core Capabilities
  • Experiential
  • Original Storytelling
  • Video Production
“The system works like a giant space-age musical instrument, using sensors and smart technology to respond to each visitor’s unique touch... orchestrating a symphony of futuristic lights and sounds.”

Michaela Kilgallen Time Out, New York

Atlantic Re:think and Lincoln teamed up with NYC design studio SOFTLab to develop the one-of-a-kind installation.


Visitors to the physical installation


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