The Massacre of Black Wall Street: A Graphic Novel

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The Brief

Drive tune-in for HBO’s new series, Watchmen.

The Solution

We promoted HBO’s Watchmen by retelling the buried history of the Tulsa Massacre, the event that opens the show. We created a completely original graphic novella depicting the events preceding and following the massacre. The imagery was complemented by historical context and an exploration of the future Tulsa could have had if the massacre had not happened.

Core Capabilities
  • Original Reporting
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Live Event
The Massacre of Black Wall Street Title

The program came to life as a short graphic novella.

“...[A] gorgeously rendered interactive comic that imparts historical context provided by relevant scholars.”

Randall Colburn AV Club

The novella depicts 14 hours of unprecedented racist violence in 1921 Tulsa.

Marvel artist Clayton Henry worked with colorist Marcelo Maiolo on the comic itself, while Atlantic Re:think’s Natalie Chang penned the text.


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